Our teaser is here! Check out the video and the link for more info. 
A girl, a gangbanger and a veteran who grew up in a small town, come together after the death of a mutual friend. Within their unique circumstances, they struggle to make sense of their realities and try to connect with one another in their grief.
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"Between Sea and Valley" began its journey back in 2011. It started out as a simple thought I had; "If John Steinbeck were alive today, who and what would he be writing about in our community?" That idea soon became a short screenplay and then developed into a feature.
This is the teaser trailer that we shot in anticipation of full production, to give everyone the look and feel of the film. We are looking at additional financing to start production in March 2014. If you'd like to help or know someone that would be interested please contact us.
Help make "Between Sea and Valley" a success! Like our page, keep track of our progress and message us if you think there is someway you can help! Making a film is a collaborative process and we would love your input.
Tech specs: Shot on Canon C100 w/Zeiss Primes with some Magic Lantern on a 5DmkIII
Feature to be shot on RED Epic or Dragon depending on budget.
Song: Silhouettes by Of Monsters and Men
Below are the promo shots and location scouting. I'll leave these on for a bit. Eventually replace with BTS pics. 
Some promo stills and location scouting for our upcoming feature film Between Sea and Valley.
Between Sea and Valley is about three young adults, all connected in some way, who come together after the tragic death of a much beloved, mutual friend.  One is a gangbanger with a young son, torn between his gang life and raising his son in healthy environment, a soldier who has recently returned from a tour in Iraq and suffering from Post Traumatic Stress, and a girl who strives for perfection in order to get men to like her.
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